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Full Week Price Holiday Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
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Full Week Price Holiday Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
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The Booking Procedure

Nice and straightforward. Please complete the Booking Form with the relevant information and press submit. We will contact you straight away with details of price and availability. See the steps below :-

1. Submit an enquiry form or call +44 (0)1204 474797
2. Subject to your agreement, We will email you a confirmation form to fill out. You may also download the form here
3. Complete, sign and send the confirmation form back to us along with 25% deposit to secure the booking.
4. We will send an email confirmation of the receipt of the form and deposit.
5. The final balance and damage deposit is to be paid in full, 4 weeks prior to your arrival.

If you need to talk to us at any time, please call us on +44 1204 474797 or email [email protected] We are here to help :)

Matching your expectations

Apartment Buqa isn't aiming to be the cheapest accommodation of its kind, neither is it the most expensive in the market. Our pricing is set in relation to our offering and the market conditions. We want to promise you, the holidaymaker - that you get real value out of your stay at Buqa. That means no compromise on the quality of service you receive. We won't be beaten on this...That's our Buqa Value Promise.

Our Service Promise

We at Buqa, pride ourselves on providing a quality service; one that is fluid from the moment you book your stay, to the time you check out of Apartment Buqa. Our agent Gilles, will look after all your needs to ensure that you enjoy Buqa and Samoens to its full.

Our Pricing Promise

During this climate of turbulence in the economy, holidaymakers are reviewing their holiday plans abroad, especially since the sterling Pound is weaker against the Euro. In acknowledgment and appreciation of this, we frequently revise our apartment rental price, doing our bit to keep the costs low… and pricing fair for you. This ensures that we are competitive with the rest of the market, without any compromise on the service you deserve. Look out for our special discounts throughout the seasons.

Special Events

For your interest, we like to keep you updated on any special events that are happening in and around Samoens. So check out our calendar notice board for up-and-coming events or visit our pages on Facebook to get up-to-date news or to simply peruse our photos!