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Ski/Snowboarding Tips

We all want to have a holiday to remember - for all the good reasons. It should be an experience we would like to relive, again and again.

So, in order to make the most of your time skiing and snowboarding in Samoens and the adjoining Grand Massif resorts in the French Alps, we thought we’d share some safety (and general) tips with you.

  • Get into physical shape in advance, for your holiday. It is no fun being absolutely shattered after the first hour of the first day.
  • Buy or hire proper ski equipment. Ensure that the boots fit well (very snug yet comfortable) and that the bindings are adjusted correctly.
  • Although not mandatory, we feel that protective headgear such as a helmet is essential in avoiding head injuries. On the same note for beginner boarders, ideally wear gloves with wrist guards or padding as it’s the most common site of injury.
  • Prepare for the climate. Buy appropriate ski wear. Make sure your ski jacket is waterproof, wind resistant and warm. Wear plenty of removable layers.
  • Skiing and snowboarding can be more fun with your favourite tunes playing out of an ear piece. Some ski jackets have headphone attachments and other cool gadgetry. But remember to remain focussed on the slopes at all times
  • Wear proper eye protection with sufficient UV filters. Sunglasses/goggles are also found to be useful in times of low visibility.
  • Apply sun protection on exposed areas - even on cloudy days - as the sun reflects off the snow.
  • Recognise and respect your level of ability on the slopes. They are all marked in colour code (Green for Beginners, Blue for Intermediate, Red for Advanced, and Black for Expert). It might be worth taking private/group ski/snowboard lessons to get the most out of your trip.
  • Drink plenty of water. Do not underestimate how much energy is burned skiing and snowboarding. Remain hydrated. From experience, CamelBaks come in very handy! www.camelbak.com Energy foods such as snack bars and fruits are very useful and yet compact enough to fit into pockets.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before and during skiing/snowboarding. You have a responsibility for not only your safety, but that of others also. Same applies to medication that can make you drowsy.
  • Know your limits. If fatigued, take a break. Don’t fight it, as it is more difficult to be focused. Also, it might have a knock on effect on the rest of your trip.
  • Respect other skiers/snowboarders. Remember, when on the slopes, people ahead and below you have right of way. Be considerate and try not to queue jump on the drag/button lifts. This applies more to the little expert toddlers amongst us!
  • Observe signs and warnings - and obey them. They are there for a good reason. Do not go off-trail or to avalanche prone areas.
  • Ski or snowboard with a buddy or a group, so that you could look out for one another, especially in times of low visibility or when you’re with a less experienced skier/snowboarder. Suggest a ‘meeting point’ should you decide to split off, or if you get lost. Take a Grand Massif Piste map with you.
  • Always carry a form of Identification with you.
  • If you have a mobile phone, save the emergency rescue number! It will save valuable time should you ever need to use it! Please get this from the Ski pass office to ensure you use the latest number.
  • If you have a pair of Walkie Talkies take them out with you. Using mobile phones on the slopes can be expensive!
  • We cannot stress how important it is to take travel insurance, to include winter sports and activities. Its better to enjoy the activities knowing that are fully protected.
  • On a lighter note, never eat yellow snow! ;-)
  • Respect the mountain. Save the rubbish until you see a bin and if you smoke, GIVE UP. You will be in fresh air why pollute your lungs? It will save you money and give you more time to live and enjoy the slopes! If that is not enough for you to want to give up then ask the Ski pass office for a small tin to keep your fag ends in. :-)
  • And finally, remember to always have fun!