Grand Massif

Samoens is an old-rounded, all year round family-friendly French alpine resort. Not only because of its panoramic natural breathtaking beauty, its authentic village charm and wealth of activities it hosts, but also because of its accessibility to an extensive range of mountainous ski resorts and attractions. The nearest being The Grand Massif range. (Click here to see map of grand Massif).

Grand Massif

Samoens is networked to five other ski resorts, collectively known as the Grand Massif. These are Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Vernant and Sixt fer a Cheval. Together, they provide a fine medley of on-piste runs, off-piste trails, walking/hiking/biking trails, and water-play. They are suitably attractive to all levels, abilities and interests in outdoor sports, through all seasons and weather conditions. The Grand Massif domain has superb panoramic views of Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

A generic Grand Massif chairlift pass can be purchased from any of the resorts, allowing access to 265km of piste. If you are not travelling on ski’s or a bike, they are all less than 20mins drive away.


Flaine is a vaste open ‘snow bowl’, and at 1600m it is renowned for excellent snow conditions and sunny days. This purpose built ski resort features the first 8-seater high speed chairlift Les Grands Van, and is ideal for a family skiing holiday.

Flaine is also considered a good centre for summer walking, past deep ravines, rocks and fissures. Guides available through Flaine tourist office.

Sixt fer a Cheval

Sixt boast a cascade of waterfalls through high mountains and forests, as well as a huge glacial amphitheatre, Cirque fer a cheval. This resort provides a special day out to enjoy the scenery and tranquillity of the mountains.

Les Carroz

Les Carroz is a traditional alpine village, perched on a plateau at 1140m. Its little cafes and pavement of quirky shops compliment the wholesome feel of the Grand Massif. Don’t be fooled. It has much to offer in both seasons. For Mountain Bikers there is a permanent down hill track that’s 4.5km and 800m down!


Morillon mirrors its neighbouring resorts. It has a 16th century church at its heart and is very popular among the French tourists. It also features a handiski school, specialised in handicap ski. In summer, Morillon is great for mountain bikers. In addition, it boasts Lac Blue recreational park, situated in the centre. Activities on offer include fishing, tennis, volleyball, horse-riding, mini-golf and petanque.